New September / October Project!! – 08.27.2017

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

This week at GraySquare we solidified our latest pilot program!  We’ll be partnering with Home Warranty of America!

HWA logo

The company is looking for new ways to drive sales in Philadelphia and South Jersey.  They reached out to us to help develop and pilot some new strategies.  Our initial trial program will be a direct to market retail approach, where we can engage a very high volume of customers.  We will be executing the program from the beginning of September through the end of October.

Direct customer engagement is our expertise and something that HWA is looking to implement.  We feel that it is going to be a great project.  Assuming our trial launch is successful, we’ll be preparing for a national launch which could take us in to every major market in the country.  If not, we’ve learned something new.

Taking strategic risks is a part of our growth strategy.  Our leadership team feels this is a very smart investment of our time and resources.  It should be a great opportunity to get in to a new vertical, as well as give us a chance to expand the business in to some untapped markets that our competitors can’t get to.

We’ll keep you posted!


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