First Boston Event! – 9.2.2017 (Late Post Alert!)

Hello!  We’re a little behind schedule this week, but wanted to give an update on last week!

Our managers, Joe Golonka and Bill Vollrath, spent the week in Boston exploring the new market in preparation for our expansion there in 2 short weeks.  We built a great relationship with the local team during the visit.  He was also able to host our first event for Verizon!

The event was a massive success!  Since we’re launching a consumer product that’s brand new to the area, our hands on, in person approach proved to be a big hit.  Bill commented, “The people were very friendly and have been waiting on FiOS for a long time.  We were welcomed very wamly.”

We are very excited to get to this market and launch full scale towards the end of the month.  The Boston expansion team will be playing a major role in the growth of our company moving forward.  It was great to see that our “trial run” went as well as we had hoped!

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