GraySquare Shares with Jesse Beam

Introducing our newest member in our Solar campaign under GraySquare Energy, Jesse Beam.

Introducing our newest member in our Solar campaign under GraySquare Energy, Jesse Beam.

“Jesse is going to be a real superstar in this industry! He’s focused, selfless, hard-working, tenacious, and has a terrific student mentality. Some people just have a knack for greatness – he has the “IT” factor” – Tim Koontz, Campaign Manager

Jesse Beam – Solar Energy Consultant

What do you do here?
I am a Solar Energy Consultant in our Palmetto Solar campaign with GraySquare Energy.

What were you doing before joining GraySquare?
I have a varied background, which has allowed me to view business operations from many angles and be highly adaptable in how I contribute to a company. Before GraySquare, I worked to drive sales and enhance marketing for companies in the transportation sector. I learned relationship building and ingenuity from working in large scale grocery and retail brokerage firms. Additionally, I handled data and compliance operations for an industry leading company. Most recently, I worked as a data team lead organizing a political campaign. 

What brought you to GraySquare?
The people. There is infectious positivity and sense of direction at the company. The motivated and capable people make for a thriving work environment. 

What do you like about your job?
I like knowing that there are challenges and obstacles to overcome. The fun in the job is finding strategies and behaviors to overcome these difficulties. This job has already allowed me to grow personally and professionally. 

Goal(s) for 2021
Come holiday season, I want to be the person giving the best gifts. I have this goal because not only would I have to do well financially to obtain it, but I would have that many personal connections to appreciate. 

Fun fact about yourself
I won an Oreo stacking contest in elementary school. 

Your favorite quote that inspires you
“The more I work and practice, the luckier I seem to get.” -Gary Player

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