How To Prepare For Your Interview Without Much Experience

Preparing for an interview is nerve wracking, but especially if you have little to no experience in the job world. This blog post is going to give basic advice on how to prepare for your interview for a job you really want.

One tactic I have found to be extremely helpful in the interviewing process is learning about everything the company does, what it sells, and learning the brand persona. This essentially means profiling the company and how it presents itself, and then positioning yourself as a person the interviewer could see as working for this company. That is how you get your foot in the door during your first interview, which is generally a phone interview or a recorded one. This can be extremely hard to differentiate yourself from your competition because they tend to be generic questions during this part of the interview process, but showing you did your research on the company can be a game changer.

Now, if you have little to no interviewing experience, a great tactic to prepare for an interview for a job you truly want is to take every interview for a job you may not want as much. These tend to be low stress situations because there is less at stake, and you get more comfortable in an interview setting. Interviewers tend to look for people who feel confident in themselves. 

Some more helpful tips on this subject can be found from our Instagram post.

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