About Us

Hello and welcome to This Week at GraySquare!!

We’re a small (for now!) marketing and consulting firm.  As of August 2017, we’ve gone from 5 employees to over 50 and have expanded our telecom project in to 2 additional markets.  We’ve also started brokering partnerships and growing organically in the deregulated energy industry.

It seems every week our business is taking big steps in an awesome direction, so we decided to document it!

We’ll be featuring posts about our goals and growth as well as featuring some key players in our business!  We’re excited to share our story with you.

For now, I’ll be narrating the story to you all with some help from my social media team.  I’m Landon Atkinson, one of the Partners here at GraySquare. Catalina Lopez, which is apart of my team, will also keep you updated. Feel free to reach out to me via this page, LinkedIn, or our website if you have questions about our company, partnership opportunities, if you’re looking for a new career, or if your business needs help driving sales!

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