Tips On Writing An Eye-Catching Resume

One of the key factors that will land you an interview is the first impression from your resume. You have one page to grab the attention of the person who is reading it and demonstrate how experienced you are. One page may not feel like enough to demonstrate your talents, but there are key elements of a resume that demonstrate a lot to a job recruiter. 

One of the key elements of a good resume is explaining a problem, how you fixed this problem, and then the result. Job recruiters love seeing action and result in a resume. For example, “I posted a TikTok that gained 300,000 views, which increased engagement on the account by 2,000%.” Job recruiters want clear results of what you have done in prior experience from what you write on your resume. (Using action verbs is a huge green flag for job recruiters as well).

Your resume should also be extremely easy to read, so design it for skimmability. Your job recruiter does not want to spend a lot of time reading your resume, so they want it short and to the point. Your experience needs to be relevant for the job at hand, so choose the most relevant and most recent for the job you want. 

For more information check out our tiktok video explaining more about this topic:

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