Expansion and Pilot Dates Set!! – 9.10.2017

This week at GraySquare we finalized a few big things we’ve been working on for months!

HWA Pilot – 9.11.17
Long Island Retail – 9.14.17
Boston Event Marketing – 9.18.17

Needless to say we have a CRAZY few weeks ahead of us!  To prepare for the transition in personnel we’ve hired 8 new people to join our Philadelphia family.  A few of them are starting tomorrow.  The next group will join us on 9.18.  In Philly, we’re looking forward to some new faces joining us as some familiar faces leave us to expand the business in new markets.

We are excited to keep you updated on these big moves.  My next post will surely be littered with spelling errors…I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep from now until then, making sure these programs kick off the way we want them to!  I might be a bit delirious!

Until then…thanks for reading!

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